Fighting To Victory!!!!

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Fighting To Victory!!!!

Post by kralclark on Thu 07 Jan 2010, 12:57 pm

Me and Bulbasaur rested for the night.
While bulbasaur was sleeping,i was thinking of maybe i should let him fight.
Then i said ok i will let him fight!
Next morning we went on our way.
Me:hey bulbasaur i've been thinking and decided that u can fight now!
Me:But before that u need to train.
Me:look a pidgey!
Me:bulbasaur go!
Me:BulBasaur use tackle!
bulbasaur did.
Pidgey attacked back with gust.
Me:Bulbasaur TACKLE!!!!
Bulbasaur did an extreme tackle and deafeated pidgey.
Me:yes!but i am not going to capture pidgey i still need to focus on bulbasaur!

To Be Continue...

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