Time 4 Action!

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Time 4 Action!

Post by Skylark on Mon 25 Aug 2008, 8:04 pm

hi every1.
I just want this message to go to all those mods and admins out there that i think they should tell us when a certain person is going online.
No,what im saying is, one mod or admin should be online everyday. Most of the time im on here, Im the only user online, apart from my favourite mod, Gameking.
Sorry 2 bother u, but its just something 2 think about.
ty, skylark.
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Re: Time 4 Action!

Post by Lucas on Wed 27 Aug 2008, 1:03 am

Click the Memberlist(Mew Image) and you'll see when we were online. Also, we all have a personal life, so we can't online everyday all day. If you were a staff member you would understand.

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