And so it Begins

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And so it Begins

Post by July Zipper on Sat 02 Aug 2008, 1:07 am

Taking a deep breath, the 10 year old girl stepped out of the quaint house into the world ahead of her. Her mind reeled with possibilities, no more stupid chores, no more horribly boring school, no more having to do any of those things that she hated! NO more! She was a girl on a mission! She was going to be Number one some day! She was going to– THUMP –trip and fall flat on her face like an idiot.

July looked up and growled obscenities under her breath as she got up. The mood officially killed July growled and went back to her usual I-wanna-kill-the-world attitude and continued on, hands in her pocket, poke ball swinging around her neck. So the world wasn’t going to cooperate with her?

Too bad! She’d make it cooperate.

Some higher deity laughed outright at this (probably one for mischief) and proceeded to make plans to make her life a miserable as possible with enough irony put in to write a poem.

A young growlithe stared at her owner in mild horror before sighing and shaking her head.

If she wanted to be like that, then hey, why not. Blaze wasn’t going to stop her, but she did wish the girl would be a little more careful.

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Re: And so it Begins

Post by Lucas on Sat 02 Aug 2008, 1:08 am

Wonderful Role-Play! Your now on Route 29.

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