A New Start

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A New Start

Post by Jenny Masaki on Fri 01 Aug 2008, 9:32 pm

Stadium lights shone brightly in the starry night, egging on the cheering audience as the full stands watched the battle taking place. Standing at one end was a trainer commanding a Gengar, while the opposing end's trainer's face was not visible from the seer's point of view. This trainer was at the helm of an Umbreon on the defensive, its red eyes narrowed at the Gengar.

The aforementioned Gengar was given an order and as it began forming a Shadow ball between its claws, it opened its mouth--

--and began blaring a strange buzzing noise that was familiar to the Umbreon's trainer...



Jenny groaned as she dragged her fist away from the alarm clock she had just destroyed, lifting her head from the pillow and glaring through slitted azure eyes out the window. It wasn't time to get up yet!!! And her Umbreon had been so beautifully perfect in last night's dream...

Growling and grumbling about being woken up, the twelve-year-old girl shifted and slipped out from under her covers. She was getting a late start...but today she swore she would start travelling. After a quick shower and dressing in her usual attire, she shoved her feet into sneakers and pulled her ebony hair back into a ponytail at the same time.

"Cirrus," she called as she stepped into the foyer, not worrying about waking anyone up; her mother was already gone to work, and her little sister was gone for the day. "Let's go!"

As she stood there with the door open and a backpack on her shoulders, a light brown fox-like creature came trotting through the doorway. The Eevee chirped a little greeting to her trainer before bounding up onto her backpack and then shoulder in two lithe leaps. With a small smile, Jenny gave Cirrus a pat on the head before heading out the door.

~To be continued...~

Jenny Masaki
New trainer
New trainer

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Re: A New Start

Post by Lucas on Fri 01 Aug 2008, 9:58 pm

Great role-play! Updated! Your now on Route 29.

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