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Post by Lucas on Thu 21 Feb 2008, 3:00 am

In pokemon Hero we have allowed trainer's pokemon to have happiness levels, which will become useful when you want to evovle certain pokemon or inflict more damage with moves like return. When a pokemon likes you enough, it will sometimes not hurt itself when confused and has a higher chance of inflicting critical hits. So you need to know how to keeps track of your pokemon's happiness. This is how it'll work, every pokemon knocked unconcious your pokemon's happiness will increase by 1. Every battle lost and every time your pokemon has a status problem is will decrease by 1. When you have a starter pokemon it's happiness will be at 70 and can increase to a maximum of 280 (280 happiness is also the level that a pokemon has to be to evovle it from friendship). When you catch a pokemon it's happiness will begin at 60. If a pokemon's happiness falls beneath 50 then it will become a truant an begin to not obey you and attack you sometimes but they will recive doulble EXP! When a pokemon is recieved in a trade it's happiness will decrease by 10!

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