Looking around......(A wild pokemon encounter)

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Looking around......(A wild pokemon encounter)

Post by flarnex on Wed 02 Jul 2008, 7:24 pm

Kevin walked through the tall grass thinking about his pokemon. He had returned from his holiday and wanted to concentrate more on his pokemon battling style and how he used his tactics. The breeze blew as Kevin took each step in the grass, blowing his wetish blond-brown hair. The breeze was cool and it sent a chill down Kevin's spine. Kevin thought about his battling style and was thinking of ways to improve it!

As Kevin walked there was a slight movement in a nearby bush. 'Is it a pokemon?' he thought as he walked closer towards the bush.His mudkip was by his side ready.

New trainer
New trainer

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Re: Looking around......(A wild pokemon encounter)

Post by Lucas on Wed 02 Jul 2008, 7:57 pm

You have to post how your journey started first.


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