The Johto Adventure!!

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The Johto Adventure!!

Post by Sarah on Tue 24 Jun 2008, 5:27 am

[i]*Beep,beep,beeep!!*Oh is the day..WE LETS'S GO!!!*flips out of bed and runs to bathroom and takes shower*Ah..much better..*puts on outfit and then comes downstairs to kitchen for breakfast*Morning mom,dad.*

Mom:Morning honey!*hands me plate of food and orange juice*
Thanks mom!!*sits in front of dad and eats*
Dad:So today is the day that my little girl goes and gets her first pokemon!*smiles*
Me:Yep!I can't wait for it.
Mom:Now get one that is cute,caring,kind,and happy.
Dad:Get on that's strong,brave,tough,and muscular.
Mom:Get a girl.*sits down beside me and dad*
Dad:Get a boy.*drinks the rest of his coffee*
STOP!!!!!!!I will get whatever Professor Elm gives me!Fair enough?....Yeah that will do,bye!*kisses them both on cheek and then runs out and takes a bus to the Professor's house.*knock knock*
Professor Elm:Come in!

*walks in the house and walks to his lab where I see him re-arranging some pokeballs on a shelf*
Professor Elm:Ah,Sarah nice to see you!I have the perfect choices for one our best swimmers here.*leads me to a electronic table with 6 pokeballs on it*
Hmmm......*picks up one and feels it*This is it!!
Professor Elm:Good choice.That one is a Poliwag!
Whoo!A water pokemon!!*holds it tight in my hand and then throws it on the ground as the Poliwag appears,then me picking her up.Come on Polli lets start our adventure!!*polli nods and rests in my arms*
Professor Elm:Well it seems to like you already!Well off you go!*leads me to the front door*Oh and here's your other things*hands me phone and other pokegear*It's already got my number and your house on it!

Me:Thanks so much professor!!*hugs him then runs down the street and uses the new phone to call home*Hey mom!Yeah its me on my new phone,anyways I just wanted to tell you that I'm heading out now.Ok talk to you soon,love you too;and tell dad the same!Bye!!!*flips phone down and then looks at Poliwag*You ready?*she nods and says,"Polli!"I smile.*Off to the next town!!*heads to Route 29*
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