Journey into Johto

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Journey into Johto

Post by Saiku on Sat 14 Jun 2008, 1:18 am

Beep Beep
Saiku: "Huh, what?"
Saiku: "Oh crap I'm late, I'm late!"
Mom: "Hurry honey you'll be late for your meeting with Prof. Elm."
I get up jumping off my bed and start dancing because today was the day when i get my first Pokemon. I run downstairs eat really quickly and right before i get out the door my mom stopped me.
Mom: "Honey you are going to need this."
Hands over Pokegear
Mom: "Here take my number just in case anything happens."
Saiku puts number in Pokegear
Mom: "Be careful honey i don't want you to get hurt now."
Saiku: "I wont mom."
Exits house
I head off to Prof. Elm's lab and that I'm so anxious that I trip over a tree stump. I head into his lab and you can tell that it is a laboratory because there is scientist every where and different types of technology everywhere.
Elm: "Ah, Saiku you made it."
Saiku: "Um...Um...Hi."
Elm: "Don't be shy now I,m not going to bite."
Elm: "You are here to get your first Pokemon aren't you?"
Saiku: "Yes sir."
Elm: "Alright I have three Pokemon right here, do you know which one you want?"
Saiku: "Yes Sir! I want Totodile!"
Hands over Pokeball
Elm: "With this Pokemon I want you to take the Gym leader challenge, can you do that?"
Saiku: "Yes Sir"
Elm: "Good, alright you are going to need these to."
Hands Pokeballs, and Pokedex
Elm: "These objects will help you complete my challenge and it is going to take more than one pokemon to do it."
Elm: "Alright head to Violet Town, that is where your first Gym battle is at, but first you need to go threw Route 29."
Saiku: " Thank you and goodbye."
Heads off to Route 29
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