Pokemon Encounters Help

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Pokemon Encounters Help

Post by Pokeluvver13 on Thu 15 May 2008, 3:15 am

Here are some helpful tips when wild encounter, mysterious encounter or trainer battle.

1 - Use the surroundings around you to help you in anyway
2 - Type in the nickname, gender and level of your pokemon - eg. Go Penny (F9)
3 - For mysterious encounters, you can use 2 or more pokemon at once. Use them both to help you. eg. Felix use defense curl and Penny, bubble onto Felix to make it bounce in the air to jump onto that fearows back!
4 - You cannot say that you are looking for a pokemon that you want and expect to find it.
5 - pokeballs will be deducted! I advise to buy more when your running low
6 - Have fun!

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