Application Instructions

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Application Instructions

Post by Lucas on Fri 07 Mar 2008, 8:47 pm

Here's the complete directions on how to do your application.

1. go to the Ready to Join section

2.copy application

3. click new post(the bulbusaur image)

4. type subject {Example: My App.

5. paste the application

6. delete ()parts

Right now, the app. should look like this:

Trainer Name:
Trainer Picture:
Trainer Gender:
Trainer Class:
Starting Region:
Starter Pokémon:
Pokémon Nickname:
Pokémon Gender:
Where did you hear about us:

7. fill in the application

When your done, it should be filled up, but, the trainer picture, and nickname parts, don't have to be filled, that your choice! Try to use a seperate name, instead of your username!

Here's what it should somewhat look like:

Trainer Name: Gary
Trainer Picture:
Trainer Gender: Male
Trainer Class: Trainer
Starting Region: Sinnoh
Starter Pokémon: squirtle
Pokémon Nickname:
Pokémon Gender: male
Where did you hear about us:

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